Disney vs Social Media

This post will be a tad different than my past posts because I will not be analyzing a specific animated movie.  I will be talking about Disney and their use of Social Media and multicultural populations.

Disney uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vines, Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ in multiple language formats to connect with the public.  Through these social networking sites, Disney promotes upcoming movies, games, Disneyland and DisneyWorld Parks.  Their posts include games and quizzes people can take to immerse themselves even further in the land of Disney.  If you notice, the photo below is specifically for the Spanish speaking population.

9-4-2012-2.4.35-2If you click this post from Disney’s Facebook page it will take you to a quiz that asks you to match the song lyric to the Disney character:


Incorporating these quizzes, videos, trivia, and games into their posts helps Disney connect with their fans and hopefully gain new customers to their stores, movies, and merchandise.

Disney also specifically caters to specific groups.  For example, there is a social networking group called Disney Social Media Moms, #DisneySMMoms.  These women are bloggers who are invited to blog about Disney.  It is extremely difficult to be invited and spots are highly coveted.  Every year and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is held at one of the Disney parks.  This is  part a conference to discuss all the blogs and part vacation for the women and their families.  The women and their families receive discounts to attend the conference and are given access to park hotels and attractions around the park (though it is not free).  At this Celebration, everyone celebrates their love of Disney through a race throughout the park.


Overall, Disney does a fantastic job of including all cultures and different types of people in their social networking efforts.  By incorporating many different types of social media outlets and by dividing their networks into different languages, they try to appeal to many different populations and groups.  Disney realizes that they are not only an American brand.  There are Disneylands in Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong and thousands of people around the world travel to be immersed in the land of Disney.  Disney is a great example of a company that knows how to advertise and promote their products and brand to segmented markets and diverse cultures around the globe and they do this in part because of their social networking platforms.


Disney has over 4.4 million Twitter followers and as of right now 50,559,371 people have liked their company page on Facebook, and 197.8 thousand followers on Vine.  Disney has used social media networks to create a community that millions of people have chosen to be a part of.


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4 thoughts on “Disney vs Social Media

  1. This post is awesome, I think it is important to note that disney’s marketing and PR team does an incredible job at connecting people across the world. Disney is not just a North America thing. There are parks around the world and by offering multiple social media accounts in different languages, Disney is recognizing its audience and catering towards them. This is also evident in Disney Channel and how it is aired in multiple languages across the world to keep its fan base as large as possible. Great post!


  2. One of the many reasons for Disney’s
    Success is their ability to market all cultures and ages. On top of that they immerse the fans with creative content for most languages, and different groups of people. This is a great example of how social media could be used to generate success in business as well.


  3. I liked your post because it put into retrospect the older generations that are interested in Disney. I also liked how you highlighted that Disney is not just an American attraction but a World attraction. I wonder do they promote deals they have at the park or travel packages to the various Disney Lands around the world over social media?


  4. Very interesting read! I’m glad you included all the cultures and different countries that Disney is able to reach out to. I actually have a friend that is currently working as Elsa and Anna in Hong Kong’s Disneyland!


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